June 2023

Kickstarting a new brand with an eCommerce SEO audit

We helped Gimme Gifts plan, develop and launch their new eCommerce brand and drive sales within 1 week of launching. It all started with an eCommerce SEO audit.

Kickstarting a new brand with an eCommerce SEO audit


eCommerce SEO Audit, Content Strategy, Content Briefing, Backlink Research



Project Overview

The owners of Gimme Gifts are well experienced when it comes to all things eCommerce related, and with the launch of this brand they wanted to try a different approach. Where previously they had always relied on paid advertising to drive their initial sales, this time they wanted to see how fast they could drive initial sales via organic channels (especially SEO). We suggested they start with an eCommerce SEO audit to analyze work done to-date, and to create a competitor analysis document which provided actionable insights into what new landing pages they should create. Below is what we looked at:

  • Competitor link profile analysis to identify the links driving the most impact for top competitors.
  • Highest search volume but lowest competition keywords for the brand to target at the earliest stages.
  • Growth levers to get in place early which would drive more significant organic growth in the months and years to come.


Once our audit was carried out, we worked closely with the Gimme Gifts team to implement fixes and action opportunities which would help them drive more organic growth. We edited source code, landing pages and worked with their development team to ensure the new brand website has strong foundations in place. Below are some examples of things we looked at:

  • Optimizing internal link structures.
  • Speeding up the website to aid in crawling and conversions.
  • Creating briefs for effective and optimized product descriptions and category pages.
  • Finding scalable user-generated content solutions which will build competitive advantages for the brand in the years to come.
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Within a week of our first implementation, the new brand was starting to generate organic sales. They continued to rank for more and more long-tail keywords, before ranking on page 1 for a number of their high priority category target keywords. We set the Gimme Gifts brand up for long-term success and helped the team kickstart a brand new eCommerce website.

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