Advanced SEO Audit

Advanced SEO Audit

For small websites (local businesses, content sites, affiliate and niche websites, lead generation companies).

What’s Included?
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Full website crawl
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On-site SEO analysis and strategy planning
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Off-site SEO analysis and strategy planning
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Delivered within 30 days

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$ 1,999.97 USD

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What’s included in the advanced SEO audit package?

Like our standard SEO audit package, the advanced SEO audit involves top-level analysis across each of the key areas of your SEO campaign (technical SEO, on-site optimization, and off-site optimization). However, our advanced SEO audits go into significantly more detail and include strategy planning too. Not only do we provide you with insights into what is holding your site back, but we provide you with detailed information on how you can roll out your own content and link building campaigns internally to take things even further.

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