Tia Narez


Tia Narez

I have spent the past few years auditing websites, creating compelling content for clients in countless industries, and building links that really move the needle.

My SEO auditing approach

While technical SEO is key, my skillset is often most useful when applied to advanced content marketing and link building projects. Whether it is a guest blogging campaign our online PR one, I will be able to think outside the box and come up with strategies to get links that your competitors can only dream of.

Some of the link building approaches I am well versed in:

  • Resource link building - Identifying existing resources on your site or creating new ones to earn you links from industry publications hoping to help and educate.
  • Online/digital PR - I love to roll up my sleeves and get involved with everything from brainstorming and data collection to press release writing and outreach. I help our clients devise strategies to earn links from the biggest news and media websites.
  • Niche edits and guest blogging - There is no avoiding the fact that sometimes you will need niche anchor text links to rank for your target keywords. I know how to plan advanced niche edit and guest blog campaigns to build the links that you need to outrank your competitors.
Tia Narez

Tia Narez

CEO & Founder

SEO audit expert, content marketing pro, and link building superstar.

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