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Our team of SEO experts will identify the backlinks helping your top competitors rank, and show you how to replicate them. We can also confirm if any links are hurting your SEO efforts.

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Our Process

Our tried and tested SEO link audit process

We  perfected our audit process over a 10 year period by running 100+ backlink audits for websites in every industry.

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Step 1

SEO Analysis

First we identify your target keywords and top competitors, so that we can show you what links are going to contribute the most to your long-term organic growth.

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Step 2

Strategy Planning

With our curated shortlist of the backlinks that will contribute the most to your SEO growth, we next lay out a strategy on how you can acquire them.

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Step 3

Backlink Acquisition

Our link audit service needn't stop at the research stage. Our SEO audit company can also build backlinks on your behalf and turbo charge your SEO growth.

Driven by data, delivered with passion.

Backlink audits with all the data you could hope for

Our SEO link audits are created using all of the leading SEO tools and data to ensure that you know exactly what links are powering the rankings of your top competitors. We also have experience using all of the popular link building tools, from outreach platforms to media databases, to help you acquire the highest authority backlinks at scale.

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“The SEO audit service got us ranking top for local commercial keywords that we needed to grow our business”
Adam McKay
Head of Marketing at Builders Today
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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We have answers

Below we have answered some of the most common questions people have surrounding our link audit services.

What is a backlink audit?

As the name suggests, a backlink audit is analysis which seeks to identify what backlinks are hurting your SEO efforts and/or helping your competitors rank for high priority keywords.
A link audit service will involve in-depth analysis into the existing  authority and trust of you domain and that of your competitors, and provide strategy direction on how you can close any authority deficits.

How long will my link audit take?

Our backlink audit service tends to run quicker than our broader SEO audits, since the focus is narrowed to only the off-site side of your campaign.
However, we still like to leave at least 10 working days to carry out the in-depth research that we know is required to deliver actionable insights.

I think my domain has been hit by a link penalty, will your audit help?

Fortunately link penalties are much rarer these days than they used to be, and Google has gotten much better at simply ignoring links built to manipulate their search results.
Having said that, it is still possible to be penalised for building spam links.
The first thing we would do is check in your Google Search Console account for any manual penalties which might help identify any problem backlinks causing you issues.
If you have received no manual action, it could still be that your website is being filtered as a result of questionable links. So we will run in-depth analysis to find out if this is the case.
Keep in mind that sometimes you will see a sharp drop in traffic not because you have received a penalty, but since backlinks which were previously counted and helping you have since been de-weighted/demoted. In such cases a link audit service is still incredibly useful to identify what you need to do to turn things around and recoup your lost rankings.

Can I get a link audit for free?

While not quite free, you can get a link audit generated by any one of the popular SEO tools available (e.g. Semrush). However, these are automated solutions and lack the depth and insights needed to actually make the most effective use of the data generated.
Our team run paid link audits which allow us to spend time pulling data from all of the most popular link crawlers (e.g. ahrefs, Majestic, Google Search Console and more) before applying our years of SEO experience to that data set.
Even once you have identified which links you need to develop your rankings, actually acquiring them is a whole other story. We provide strategy guidance in our audits and can even help you build the links that you need to see long-term SEO growth.

How will I receive my backlink audit?

We will send you a bespoke audit document and accompanying data files so you have everything that you need to roll out a renewed link building strategy.

Will your SEO link audit help me rank better?

Link research in and of itself won't lead to stronger rankings, but if you apply the insights generated by our link audit service correctly you will soon see progress in the search engine result pages (SERPs).
Alongside the raw data and our analysis, we provide you with a roadmap to prioritise subsequent link building activity which will help you rank.
If you receive your link audit and still need more help, we are also perfectly placed to help you actually start acquiring the links that we have identified in our analysis as the ones which will drive the most SEO growth.