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Our Process

Our tried and tested
on-site SEO audit process

We  perfected our on-site SEO audit process over a decade by running 100+ on-site SEO audits for websites in every industry and on every platform.

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Step 1

Keyword Analysis

Understanding exactly what keywords you are trying to target across your website is an integral part of identifying ways to better optimize it. So we start here.

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Step 2

On-Site Auditing

Once we know what keywords you're hoping to rank for, next we will check how you are currently targeting those search terms across your key pages.

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Step 3

Action Items

With steps 1 and 2 complete, we will then put together on-site strategy plans and content briefs which will help you effectively target your target keywords.

Driven by data, delivered with passion.

On-site SEO audits with all the data

A range of on-site SEO auditing tools support our audits. We crawl every page on your website, and account for every internal or external link to perfect its optimization. We partner the wealth of SEO data that we use in our SEO audits with unrivalled experience and expertise.

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“The bespoke SEO audit that we received was even better than we hoped for and helped us launch one of our online shops”
Jannet Wheeler
Owner at Gimme Gifts
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Our on-site SEO audits helped grow their business

Our on-site analysis has already supported and guided countless businesses just like yours. Read our case studies or get in touch today and get more out of your websites content.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We have answers

Below we have answered common questions people have about our on-site SEO audit company.

What is an on-page SEO audit?

On-page SEO is an integral part of any good SEO campaign, and the on-page SEO audit provides the data and analysis needed to perfect the on-site optimization of your website.
On-site SEO audits run over several days and take into account everything that could be influencing how search engines crawl, index and understand your website.
At this point you may be wondering "what does an on-site SEO audit looks like?". Well, once delivered you will have an easy-to-follow presentation supplied with accompanying data files to show you how you can fix existing on-site SEO issues and improve your websites performance, optimization and visibility.

How long will my on-site SEO audit take?

Getting the on-site optimization of any website right takes time, resources and hard work. So, our audit services span multiple days per website.
You can expect an audit for a small or medium site to be delivered within 20 days. For larger websites please anticipate delivery within 30 days.

Are on-site SEO audits suitable for websites that have been penalised or are suffering from negative SEO?

While on-site audits aren't going to hurt your website and will still provide a lot of value, most search engine penalties or negative SEO attacks are to do with off-site factors and/or strategies.
If you believe that your website has been hit by a penalty or negative SEO attack, we suggest going with one of our more general SEO audits.

Shouldn't my SEO team or agency be carrying out on-site audits?

This will depend on their specific role, experience and remit of your SEO team and/or agency.
Some teams and agencies are hired specifically for link building or content marketing, and technical SEO and/or on-site optimization could well fall outside of their scope. This is where we will be invaluable and able to work alongside your existing teams to make sure that you get the maximum value possible out of our audits.
Even in cases where your in-house team or SEO company should be handling the on-site optimization of your website, this unfortunately isn't always happening. You see, the sad fact of the matter is that the majority of SEOs think they're doing advanced SEO when in fact they're barely scratching the surface.
We have over a decade worth of experience auditing the biggest and best brands in some of the most competitive industries online. We specialise in finding the most impactful, scalable and sizeable growth levers for your SEO results. It is exceedingly rare that we meet an in-house team or agency that comes close to matching our on-site and technical SEO expertise.

Do you offer free on-page SEO audits?

We never offer free in-depth on-page SEO audits, and you should be wary of anyone that does.
Free audits don't allow enough time to really explore your website properly nor your competitors. Instead you will receive a thin document which sole aim is to sell you on additional paid SEO services that you may not even need.
By charging for our on-site SEO auditing, we align our incentives with yours - to find and fix the most on-site issues and opportunities possible.

How are on-site audits delivered?

All of our on-site SEO audits are delivered to you in an intuitive presentation deck which highlights every issue and opportunity that we found and how to address them. You may also receive some accompanying data files which contains larger lists of URLs that are impacted by the issues we found.

Do you also look at off-site SEO when carrying out an on-site audit?

While on-site audits are narrower in focus, looking specifically at the on-site optimization and performance of your website, any SEO audit will rely on some form of off-site analysis (e.g. looking at keywords and/or link profiles).
Unless you know you only care about on-site opportunities at this time, we encourage clients to opt for a more all encompassing audit which will look at any and all factors influencing your websites search engine optimization performance.

Will your on-site SEO audit help me rank higher?

This is what our on-page SEO audit services are designed to do.
We identify the keywords and content that will drive the most growth for your business, and then set our sights on showing you how to dominate the rankings for those keywords.