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Our professional SEO audit company helps you grow organic traffic and revenue. We have already helped multiple businesses generate millions in extra revenue.

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Our SEO audits have already helped 100+ brands grow their business

Case Studies

Our SEO audit company results speak for themselves

We have delivered professional SEO audits for websites of all shapes and sizes. From local businesses and niche websites to world famous ecommerce brands, marketplaces and aggregators.

Our Process

A tried and tested
SEO audit process

We have perfected our SEO audit process over the past 10 years, delivering 100+ bespoke SEO audits for the biggest brands online.

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1. Identify

We start all of our SEO audits by talking with you and your team to identify your key business objectives. This allows us to focus our analysis where it will drive the most real business impact.

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2. Analyze

Next we analyze in great detail every area of your website and your top competitors. We look at everything from your technical SEO and content to the link profiles powering you and the biggest brands in your industry.

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3. Prioritize

Our SEO audits uncover a near endless list of SEO issues and opportunities, and acting on all of them will take time. We prioritize our findings so you can act on the highest leverage, lowest effort, and biggest impact ones first.

4. Edify

We deliver our SEO audits in actionable and educational Google Slide documents. Take your SEO results to the next level whether you're an SEO expert or a business owner with no previous SEO experience at all.

About Us

The leading SEO Audit Company is ready to help you

Our team of SEO audit experts are ready and waiting to help you take your business to the next level.

Why get stuck in a 12 month contract with an SEO agency looking to maximise their billable hours when we will identify your biggest SEO issues and opportunities upfront and for a fraction of the cost.

Learn more about our SEO audit agency team and book your SEO audit today.


Read what our SEO audit clients say

“The SEO audit service got us ranking top for local commercial keywords that we needed to grow our business”

Zeke and the rest of the SEO Audit Company team have carried out multiple SEO audits for us over the years, and they never fail to yield results. Our first audit some years ago helped us get our local lead generation website ranking top for a number of the commercial keywords that we were targeting at the time.

Adam McKay
Head of Marketing at Builders Today

“The SEO Audit Company helped us increase our SEO traffic by 678% and sell for a higher multiple”

The SEO Audit Company helped us find and fix countless technical issues on our recently acquired affiliate website, which ultimately helped us sell it for a higher multiple. After implementing just some of the recommendations that they provided, we shot up to position 1 for one of our main 14,800/month search volume keywords.

Jake Dennon
Founder at Sportarly

“The bespoke SEO audit that we received was even better than we hoped for and helped us launch one of our online shops"

We have launched a number of online stores over the years and the SEO Audit Company put together a competitor review and SEO strategy for us to follow when for one of our brands. That website generated organic sales within weeks of launching, and the bespoke audit identified several low hanging fruit keywords.

Jannet Wheeler
Owner at Gimme Gifts

We use the leading SEO audit tools to turn data into actionable insights that grow your business

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Please get in touch if you have any questions about us or the bespoke SEO audits that we offer. Our team will be happy to discuss your exact requirements and provide more information about our SEO audit company.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We have answers

Below we have answered some of the most common questions people have surrounding SEO audits.

What is an SEO audit?

SEO audits are the process of analyzing a website to find and better understand all of the factors that could be effecting that website and its standing in the search engine result pages (SERPs).

How long does an SEO audit take?

All of our professional SEO audits are delivered within 30 days, most within 20.

In most cases we will be able to get your audit over to you within a couple of weeks, however we leave enough time to fully analyse every area of your website and competitors no matter how large or small they are.

We offer differ SEO audit packages depending on the size and style of your website, a starter or advanced audit package which is done within 20 days and an enterprise package which takes up to 30 days.

Are SEO audits worth it?

How much of an impact an SEO audit will have on your website will depend on several factors including the current state of your website and optimizations, who your competitors are and what "impact" means to you.

However, we have been offering professional SEO audits to clients in every industry for more than 10 years now, and we have yet to analyse a website which didn't have a good number of SEO issues, improvements and opportunities.

The simple answer is that an SEO audit will be worth it for anyone looking to drive more organic traffic, leads and/or sales.

I already work with an SEO agency, will an SEO audit still be useful?

In an ideal world every SEO company would offer the same level of service, and for a fair price too. Unfortunately this isn't the case.

Many agencies miss the mark when it comes to the depth and breadth of their SEO analysis, or even intentionally string clients along on year-long contracts so they can drip-feed minor SEO issues month in, month out.

Our SEO audits are great for understanding how effective your current SEO strategies are, if it is time for a change, and/or picking up on anything even the best SEO companies may have missed.

A second pair of eyes never hurts.

Do you do more than SEO audits?


Generally speaking, an SEO audit will be the first stage of a more comprehensive SEO strategy.

We have helped brands of all kinds, from multinationals to eCommerce stores and local businesses, drive millions in additional revenue via organic search.

These days we specialise in delivering high impact local SEO campaigns. Check out our sister website, LocalSEOcompany.io, for more details on our range of local SEO services.

Can I get an SEO audit for free?

Many companies offer free SEO audits to sell you on their other products and services, but don't believe for a second that these will offer you anywhere near the same level of detail and insight as a professional SEO audit carried out over multiple days.

Free SEO audits will present a few issues just to scare you into signing a contract so the agency can drip-feed you the rest over the next 12 months at a much higher price. Our SEO audits identify every issues and opportunity from the get-go and show you how to fix each one at a lower cost.

The best SEO reports takes time, and investing in a bespoke SEO audit will allow you to make sure that the SEO foundations of your website are firmly in place.

How will my SEO audit be delivered?

We send and present all of our SEO audits in an easy-to-read and understand Google Slides deck.

This format means that we can take you through each individual issue and opportunity relevant to your business with visual examples and accompanying Google Sheet lists of where these issues are present on your website.

Do you guarantee rankings?

Whilst our SEO audit will find the issues and opportunities that are preventing you from performing more strongly in the search results, you will still need to implement our recommendations.

Providing you follow our guidance and work to make the improvements that we suggest in our audits, you will see SEO visibility growth.

Having said that, no honest SEO company can guarantee rankings. If you are speaking to anyone that claims to be able to do so, you should run a mile.

We have seen our techniques, recommendations and strategies work their magic on countless websites in the most competitive industries online over the years. There is no reason why yours will be any different.

Do you offer your SEO audits for non-english websites?

All of our SEO audit packages are suitable for international and/or multilingual brands and domains.

We don't even need to speak the language to understand what SEO fundamentals and strategies are hurting you or helping your competitors.

We also work with a range of translators and freelancers when translation work is required.