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Our local SEO experts will identify the biggest SEO growth levers for your website and show you how to grow your business.

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We have already helped 100+ brands grow their business:

Our Process

Our tried and tested
local SEO audit process

We  perfected our audit process over a 10 year period by running 100+ local SEO audits for local businesses in every industry.

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Step 1

Website Analysis

Our local SEO audit service always begins with in-depth analysis of your website. We look at every area of your website and your competitors.

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Step 2

Strategy Planning

We don't just identify SEO issues and opportunities, we tell you exactly how to action them. Our local SEO audits include strategy recommendations to drive growth.

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Step 3

Action Items

With your key growth levers identified and a winning strategy developed, we finish our SEO audits by talking your through exactly how to action every item within your audit document.

Driven by data, delivered with passion.

Local SEO audits with all the data you will ever need

Our local SEO audits are driven by a wealth of data that we have access to via our advanced third-party SEO auditing tools. Not only that, but our team of local SEO experts have the experience and the knowledge to put that data to work and turn it into actionable SEO insights that will propel your business forwards.

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“The SEO audit service got us ranking top for local commercial keywords that we needed to grow our business”
Adam McKay
Head of Marketing at Builders Today
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Our SEO audits helped grow their organic revenue

We have already helped countless local businesses just like you grow their organic traffic, leads and sales. Get in touch to request your quote today and take your SEO results to the next level.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We have answers

Below we have answered some of the most common questions people have surrounding local SEO audits.

What is a local SEO audit?

A local SEO audit is the process of analyzing a local website to look at and take into account all of the factors that can effect that website and its positioning in the search engine results.
Our local SEO analysis spans over multiple days so we can identify the biggest growth levers for your business and show you how to take your organic enquiries and revenue to the next level.
We package our audits into professional presentations so we can walk you through exactly what is preventing you from dominating the rankings for your highest priority keywords.

How long will my local SEO audit take?

A truly comprehensive local SEO audit will take somewhere in the range of 7 to 30 days depending on the size and style of your website.
Audits on a small local website will fall under our starter or advanced audit package, which has a guaranteed delivery within 20 days of your booking.
If your website is particularly large or complex your audit may fall under our enterprise audit package and could take up to 30 days to be delivered.

I think my local website has been hit with an SEO penalty, will your audit help?

Our local SEO audits involve analysis of both on-site and off-site SEO factors which means that if your website has been hit with an SEO penalty, we will be able to find the cause and best way to recover from it.

I am already working with a local SEO agency, do I still need an audit?

Even if you are already working with a local SEO agency, our audit service will help.
We act as an independent and unbiased third-party to review how effective your current SEO strategy is, and provide insights that may have been missed by your current agency.
In the best case scenario you find out that you are working with a good SEO agency and have some additional ideas and data to play with and share with them.
In the worst case scenario you find out that your SEO agency isn't worth what you're paying them for which means that you can terminate your business relationship with them and stop wasting your valuable marketing budget.

Can I get a local SEO audit for free?

Some agencies will offer a free local SEO audit to sell you on their products and services, but don't be fooled into thinking that a free audit will ever offer the same insights as a professional one that you pay for.
Free audits will find just enough to scare you into signing a contract so the agency can pretend it will take the next 12 months to fix the rest. Our audits uncover every issues and opportunity and show you how to address them.
Truly comprehensive SEO analysis takes time, invest in a bespoke local SEO audit to get more business from your website, and other SEO/marketing efforts.

How will I receive my local SEO audit?

Your local SEO audit will be sent to you in a professional PDF document, alongside one (or multiple) Excel files that will include more detailed lists of any example and problem URLs.
This format means that we can present all of the SEO issues and opportunities impacting your local business in an intuitive and easy to understand format.

Do you accept audit bookings for international/multilingual websites?

We do indeed.
Our team of local SEO experts are able to carry out audits on websites from anywhere in the world and in any language.
The fundamentals of SEO do not change across each country, so we are able to offer the same high standard of service across any and all markets.

Will your local SEO audit help me rank for my main keywords?

Assuming you follow the recommendations included in our audit (and resolve any issues that we highlight/put in place any strategy ideas and/or processes that we discuss), you will see increases in your organic visibility.
While no trustworthy SEO agency will guarantee 1st page rankings, we can say that over the years our techniques and methods have secured countless first page rankings in some of the most competitive industries online.